Gold Country Cyclery is Closed!

Gold Country Cyclery was founded on a dream to sell primarily tandem bicycles. However, it was clear from the start in the Fall of 1999 that selling recumbent bicycles would find a new and growing enthusiast market as well as providing bicycles that filled the needs of individuals that no longer could ride conventional diamond frame bikes. Also, many customers wanted a TRUE "Comfort Bike". Tandem and recumbent bicycles both sold very well over the years. My wife and I made many new friends with our customer clientel.

Having reached the age of retirement, it was clear that it was time for me to move on and spend my time doing many more things that running a bike shop kept me away from. We made the decision to sell our home in California and purchased one North of Reno, Nevada. Moving the business to Reno was a consideration, but after a lot of thought retirement from the business was most desirable.

I wish all of my customers over the years best wishes in the future and a big thank you for giving me your trust and business. I have met many wonderful people and will truly miss the customer contact I have enjoyed.

Remaining Inventory

The remaining inventory or shop assests are in process of being sold or consigned to other recumbent dealers.

Any bikes left in the shop that are there on consignment, the owners will be notified either by phone or email to arrange a pick-up time and date.

If you need to contact me, please use following email address: