Tandem Bikes

At Gold Country we carry tandems from several builders to fit most any budget. We feature tandems from Calfee, Co-Motion, DaVinci, KHS and Paketa. Give us a call or an email to set-up a tandem test ride appointment.

Calfee Design builds the carbon fiber Tetra and Dragonfly tandem frames to meet each rider's specific needs. Company founder Craig Calfee and his team work to assure that every specification matches the requirements of a particular tandem team - determined by Gold Country Cyclery through the interview process and, most importantly, bike fitting. The Calfee name guarantees top quality, durability, and superb craftsmanship using high technology materials.

Gold Country Cyclery has several component group choices to complement the Tetra or Dragonfly frameset.

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Gold Country Cyclery is one of the top ten Co-Motion dealers in the world, and the number one Co-Motion dealer in California. Let us show you The Co-Motion difference.

Co-Motion has long enjoyed a reputation for building tandems that simply handle better. Precision handling makes their tandems safer and easier to control. A slower handling bike might lull you into a false sense of security, but when it comes to avoiding obstacles, or executing a perfect mountain descent, no tandem will respond like a Co-Motion. Experienced cyclists will notice that they don't have to re-learn bike handling, while new cyclists find that riding a Co-Motion tandem is easier than they ever imagined.

Co-Motion has tandems that meet most team needs and budgets from the $2570 Periscope Scout to the lightweight racing Macchiato starting at $8165.

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If you've spent much time on a tandem, perhaps you thought the ability to coast independently would significantly improve your ride. It's an idea whose time has been long coming. That's why Da Vinci Designs is excited to offer quality handbuilt tandems that showcase the Independent Drive, an intermediate shaft that allows the captain and stoker the freedom to coast independently of each other. Other benefits include wider range of gearing, easier uphill starts, and more ground clearance.

DaVinci offers both road and mountain bike tandems.

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Gold Country Cyclery added KHS tandems to fill the needs for teams on a limited budget. We've been very pleased with the quality and performance of both the Tandemania Alite, Cross and Milano models and are proud to present them starting at $1349.

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Paketa makes some of the most exotic, ultra-lightweight tandems available. If you're looking for a full custom racing tandem, Paketa should be on your short list.

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Note: Zona production has been suspended.

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