Surly Touring & Travel Bikes

Gold Country is pleased to offer the excellent value Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bikes as well as the new for 2008 S&S Coupled Travelers Check Framesets.

Long Haul Trucker
The Long Haul Trucker is built, as you might expect, as a touring bike. But it does a lot of other stuff good too, like commuting, day trips, double centuries, and of course beer runs. We set it up with a triple crank, a reasonably wide-range rear gear cluster, and large-ish, comfy tires. Add racks and youíre ready to haul. We mean it. The frame is designed to be stable and supple fully loaded with gear. Other bikes, 'converted' touring bikes you might call them, simply donít handle big loads as well. The Long Haul Trucker, like all our frames, is steel, because steel rides way better than aluminum or carbon fiber, and for less money. Itís got rack and fender mounts front and rear, three bottle mounts, even a spare spoke holder.

Color: 42-62cm Olive


Travelers Check Frameset
The Surly Cross Check frame design was used for this platform because of its proven versatility. Already well-known as an excellent do-all frame, friendly with skinny tires or fat, derailleurs or single-speed drive trains, the Cross Check takes just about anything you throw at it and handles it like a champ, on-road or off the beaten path. If youíve owned one you know. Surly changed the name and color to distinguish it from a normal Cross Check, but the Travelers Check is otherwise the same animal. Mostly. Brazed into the top and downtubes of the Travelers Check, S&S Machine Companyís BTCs (bicycle torque couplings) are machined stainless steel pieces that allow the bike to be broken into two halves for transport or storage. Complete with eyelets, the Travelers Check can be configured for credit card or fully loaded touring. See the specifications for more details.


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