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Traveling the World
Traveling the World

We are the number one Co-Motion dealer of the Americano and Nor'Wester touring bicycles in California. We continue to carry the beautifully crafted Independent Fabrication Club Racer and Independence models.

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At Gold Country Cyclery we believe that a proper fitting bicycle is the most important aspect of a new bike purchase beyond frame material or components. To that end we provide free professional fitting services for any single road or touring bike purchase. Several of our suppliers do only custom sizes while others have their own standard sizes or will offer custom sizing.

Our specialization is travel and touring bicycles. Many of our suppliers offer framesets with S&S BTC Couplers.

We sell the best in touring bicycles from Co-Motion and Independent Fabrication. After looking at the quality and value of Surly's new touring bicycle we decided to offer them for those looking at a great entry level bicycle.

For those looking at higher end road racers in steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and Titanium, we sell the best.

We offer bicycles from Calfee Design, Co-Motion Cycles, Independent Fabrication, and Surly.
We also have several demos available for test riding. For an appointment for a test ride and/or fitting, please call
or send an email.

Email: info @ (remove spaces)

Business Hours

for Sept 2013 due to moving our residence.

Call 530-676-3305 or better send an email to: Email will be monitored daily

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