Road & Touring Services

When your bike is in need of repair, there's no better place to bring it than Gold Country Cyclery.

Whether a simple cable adjustment or a complex problem, we have the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem, make the repair and stand behind our work.

Gold Country Cyclery is a tandem, recumbent, and solo road bike specialty shop, but will happily service your mountain bike. We will NOT service BMX or Downhill Racing bikes.


Scheduling your Service

Simple repairs like replacing a punctured tube or installing an accessory can generally be done while you wait. You should call ahead to make sure we have time to do your repair while you wait.

For most repairs you'll need to leave your bike with us for a few days.

When you bring your bike in to our store, you will be given a repair assessment, price estimate and turnaround time for the repair. If additional labor or parts are needed to complete the repair, prices may be adjusted and you will be notified.

During the peak riding season (March 1 - October 31) the time it takes to complete repairs unfortunately gets a bit longer. We make every effort to keep the maximum turn-around time to five days or less; however, depending on the nature of the repair and the availability of parts, it can take longer.


New Bicycle 90-Day Tune-ups

Congratulations on the purchase of your new bicycle! Within the first 90 days after you receive your bicycle, you are entitled to one free bicycle tune-up.

In this time, your new bicycle will experience a "break-in" period where all of the cables will stretch and the bearing assemblies (headset, bottom bracket, hubs) will settle in. You may notice that the gears begin to skip and the bicycle generally loosens up slightly. This is normal and will be adjusted during your free tune-up.

No appointment is necessary for this tune-up, but Gold Country Cyclery will have to keep your bicycle for 24 hours to complete the work.


Labor Rates - General

These are labor rates only. Parts prices not included.

Shop rate $45.00 per hour

Minimum service fee $5.00

Service appointment reservation fee $10.00
(Credited toward work - No refund if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment)

Cancelled service on bikes (after check-in) $10.00

Disposal of unwanted bikes $10.00

Basic Tune-up "great value"

Labor Only:
Single road or MTB bikes $59.99
Single Recumbents $59.00
Tandems $84.00

Get professional adjustments to:
- Brakes
- Gears
- Headset
- Hubs
- Bottom Bracket

- Bike wheels trued
- Bike wipe down
- Lubricate chain
- Test ride

Major Tune-up "exceptional quality"

Labor Only:
Single road or MTB bikes $79.99
Single recumbents $79.99
Tandems $105.99

Get everything from the Basic Tune-up, Plus:
Free labor on installation of:
- Tires & Tubes
- Brake Shoes
- Handlebar Tape or Grips
- Chain
- Cables
- Spokes (5 max)

- Wheels removed & trued in trueing stand
- Bike cleaning

Deluxe Tune-up "notably the finest"

Labor only:
Single road or MTB bikes $149.00
Single recumbents $149.00
Tandems $199

Get everything from the Major Tune-up, Plus:
- Drive train cleaning
- Service bottom bracket(s) & crankset(s)
- Service headset
- Service hubs
- Super clean the frame
- Super clean the wheelset

The confidence of having the best.


Adjust rear front brakes $10.00 each
Replace and adjust cable $12.00
Replace brake pads $12.00/wheel - Extra charge for replacing housing

Wheels & Hubs

Repack rear hub $20.00
Repack front hub $18.00
Overhaul Campagnolo rear hub $30.00
Replace internal hub races add $10.00
Rebuild rear wheel $40.00
Rebuild front wheel $35.00
Replace tube tire (wheel only, off bike) $6.00
Replace tube tire (with wheel removal from bike) $8.00
True wheel $15.00 to $20.00
Overhaul internal gear hub $45.00/hour

Headset/Bottom Bracket

Adjust bottom bracket or headset $10.00-20.00 each
Repack/replace bottom bracket or headset $30.00 each
Remove seized bottom bracket $45.00 per hour

Derailleur Drivetrain

Derailleur adjustment $10.00
Derailleur replacement $20.00
Replace cog-set $10.00
Replace chain $10.00
Replace and adjust cable $12.00
Extra charge for replacing housing.
Drive-train cleaning $35.00


Rebuild ergo lever $45.00
Fork iInstallation $40.00
Change stem and/or handlebar $15.00-30.00
Tape handlebars $12.00
Replace/align rear derailleur hanger $20.00
Price based on stripped frame or as addition to overhaul.
Face bottom bracket* $35.00
Chase bottom bracket* $25.00
Ream/face head tube* $35.00
*Price double for titanium frames

Accessory Installation

Rear rack $15.00
Fenders $20.00

Handle Bar Computer Installation

Computer single dual pickup $15.00/$25.00
Computer battery install and reprogram $10.00
Flight deck $35.00
Ergo brain $50.00

Bicycle Boxing/Shipping

Box to ship single bicycle $35.00
Box to ship tandem (Customer provides box) $75.00
Tandem box $25/$45.00
Box to ship recumbent $35.00-75.00
Processing fee for UPS shipping $10.00
(Actual shipping and insurance fees are as per UPS calculator. Customer must declare a value for insurance.)


Precision Frame Alignment Services

Rear triangle alignment and re-spacing $50.00
Includes rear derailleur hanger alignment, add additional labor fee of $45.00 to remove and reinstall bottom bracket, chain and rear derailleur.


Custom Wheel Building

At Gold Country Cyclery, wheel building is one of our specialties. Whether it's a solo road bike, touring bike, tandem, or recumbent, we can build you wheels for your application that will last.

We guarantee our wheel builds against any spoke damage or trueness for the life of the wheel to the original owner.

Only quality components are used from hubs from Campagnolo, Chris King, DT Swiss, Phil Wood, and Shimano. Rims from Mavic, Velocity and Sun. Spokes are either DT Swiss or Wheelsmith depending on the application.

Wheels are laced, trued, tensioned and pre-stressed (a process overlooked by many wheelbuilders). Spoke tension is checked and verified using a quality dial gauge tensiometer. No guess work used.

Wheel building charges are as follows:

New wheel with purchase of hub, spokes and rim; 28-32-36 spokes: $35
New wheel with purchase of hub, spokes and rim; 40-48 spokes: $40
Rebuild wheel on customer's hub; 28-32-36 spokes: $40
Rebuild wheel on customer's hub; 40-48 spokes: $45
Note: Deep V section rims require more time to lace. The surcharge is: $5 apply to above charges.


Bike Fittings

Having The Proper Fit

Having your bike fit your body is at least as important as which bike you ride!

At many bike stores a fitting consists of standing over a bike and lifting the front wheel one inch. When this happens, many important considerations are being overlooked and you should get another opinion.

At Gold Country Cyclery, a trained and certified fitting specialist works by appointment to adjust your existing bike to fit you perfectly, or help you make sure that your new bike fit is correct.

Such considerations as age, flexibility and gender are some of the main factors in determining the best fit for you.

Using tools such as the Fit Kit Ultra and Serotta Size Cycle fitting systems, the fitting staff can design a bike to fit big or small, casual enthusiast to pro level competitor.

Bike Fitting charges are as follows:

Basic bike fitting $50.00 ($30.00 with purchase of bicycle)
Advanced bike fitting $75.00
Triathlon/time trial fitting $100.00
Custom/size cycle fitting $125.00
Tandem fitting $100.00
Note: With purchase of $2000.00 and greater, in-store bike and cleat fittings are included.

Fittings are done by appointment! Please make appointments by:

Email :
Phone: (530) 676-3305
Or in person at the front counter


Return Policy

Gold Country Cyclery is happy to process your returns - however, a few conditions do apply:

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