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For 2011 Gold Country Celebrates over Eleven years selling the Co-Motion and Calfee line of road bikes. We hope to add Brompton this year, and will continue selling Surly. More surprises to come.

Brompton (Tentative)
The Brompton is a bike which rides superbly, is safe, agile and fast, yet folds easily and quickly into a highly-compact and portable package. The result is a vehicle that increases your sense of freedom and independence.

Finely-engineered and elegant, the Brompton has a full-sized frame, made mainly of steel for strength and stiffness. It is designed to be practical and light enough to be genuinely portable; actual weight depends on model and configuration, but ranges from 9 - 12 kg (20 - 28lbs). Brompton weights are true weights; unlike most bike manufacturers, we include the weight of mudguards, pedals, etc. in our figures - if it's on the bike, we weigh it.

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Calfee Design has been building carbon fiber bike frames since 1988. Their durable frames have performed well in world class competitions like the Hawaii Ironman and the Tour de France. Some very famous athletes have raced on Calfee bikes, often under different brands.

Calfee Design's long experience with the material gives them the advantage in knowing how to get the best ride quality and longevity by orienting the fiber in the most effective manner.

Many standard sizes are offered with the Luna, Tetra Pro and DragonFly. Custom sizes are offered in the Tetra and DragonFly models only. Calfee can also build custom touring bikes complete with greater tire clearance, eyelets for racks, and fenders. Also, S&S BTC couplers are an option with the Luna and Tetra frames for suitcase travel.

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Gold Country Cyclery is one of the top ten Co-Motion dealers in the world, and the number one Co-Motion dealer in California. Let us show you The Co-Motion difference.

Practical innovation Turning ideas into bicycles is more than just giving someone an order. At Co-Motion Cycles, they're very practical about the way they do things. In fact, every one of their bicycles is evolved from their past experience- from the bicycles they ride themselves to those they build for our customers.

Co-Motion began like many other framebuilders building strictly custom bicycles. As time went on, Co-Motion offered stock models based on what their customers were ordering. They tracked fitting data, and paid attention when customers asked to change an angle here or there, or accommodate a new component or innovation. Now more than ever, Co-Motion uses customer input to influence how they will continue to push the evolution of the bicycle. Custom fitting and sizing for all singles is included.

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Independent Fabrication
Independent Fabrication started in 1995 building steel mountain bike frames. Now, in 2007, they can build almost everything, out of almost anything. From the finest, most technically advanced, steel tubing to ever exist, to the best titanium available, to an array of custom carbon fiber tubing made just for IF, they can make a bike for you. But not just any bike - the bike of your dreams, manufactured with so much love and care, one would think their lives depended on it, and, in a way, they do.

Every frameset we build is custom, built for an individual customer from start to finish here in our Somerville factory. But how custom is custom? At IF custom means every tube, every length, every angle, and every option is selected to meet our customers' needs and desires. If that isn't enough, we have a state-of-the-art PPG Certified Paint shop that is set up to handle your custom paint requests, any color, any shape, essentially any scheme that you can come up with. Your bike will be as unique as you are.

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Surly builds bikes for people that want a smart, well-made bike, but are on a limited budget. The Long-Haul Trucker or LHT, is a traditional steel-framed touring bike. We now have in stock most sizes.

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