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Gold Country Cyclery knows recumbents, recumbent trikes and recumbent tandems. we're the largest recumbent dealer in Nothern, California and we've been selling, building, and servicing recumbents for since 1999.

We carry a full line of recumbents to meet most everyone's budget; from entry level models, to premium recumbents and custom configurations built up from framesets. Recumbents are available in high tech lightweight steel, aluminum, carbon-fiber, and titanium.

Our current product line up includes recumbents from; HP Velotechnik, ICE, Rans, Volae, Greenspeed and Catrike. Select our "Bikes" page from the menu on the Left for more details and pricing of the recumbents we carry. We will be adding lines in the near future.

Purchasing a new recumbent bicycle is an investment and one we're sure will give you many years of enjoyment. Test riding is an important part of the purchasing process and even experienced riders can benefit from expert instruction and a properly fitted recumbent. When needed, we can provide the necessary training to help make your first ride both fun and safe. To ensure that we can give you the personal attention that test rides require, we prefer to do test rides by appointment, so please call or send an email in advance to set-up an appointment.

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Why Ride a Recumbent?

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Many people find recumbents more comfortable than traditional upright bicycles. Recumbents have large, padded seats that carry the rider's weight on the back and seat instead of the crotch and wrists/arms/shoulders. Recumbent handlebars place the rider's arms in an ergonomically correct position, similar to driving a car or typing at a computer. This upright posture eliminates contortions of the neck and spine that can be debilitating to riders of traditional bicycles. Imagine riding all day and only feeling tired, with no sore back, neck, wrists, or bottom!

In many cases recumbents are safer than traditional upright bicycles. The crankarms/pedals on recumbents are in front of the rider, with the rider's feet impacting first in the case of an accident. Their heads-up riding position makes viewing oncoming traffic easier. Some recumbents are lower to the ground, which makes the impact from falls less injurious. Most recumbents are low enough for the rider to place both feet on the ground.

Unlike aerodynamic time trial bikes, which are fast, but unrideable by most people in real world conditions, recumbents place the rider in an aerodynamic position that is comfortable and sustainable over long distances. Some recumbents are designed with partial or even full fairings which can dramatically increase performance.

Recumbents come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, making it likely you'll find a design that suits your riding style and preferences. They give the feeling of flying or riding a luge, as if you're floating over the road. There's nothing quite like descending a twisty mountain road at high speed on a long, low recumbent! And don't buy a recumbent if you don't like talking to people because you're going to get lots of friendly questions and comments wherever you go.


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