Independent Fabrication Road Bikes

The new Independent Fabrication XS is pure performance. Built as a prototype in 2004, the XS is now ready for the market in 2005. This is the only model in IF's lineup to have earned the World Championship Arc-en-Ceil stripes. It did so as a prototype in August of 2004 in Johan, Austria. It was ridden by the current masters world time trial champion, and IF sponsored racer, Giana Roberge. Giana used to be the Directeur Sportif for both the Quark and Saturns womens professional cycling teams. She came out of retirement in 2004, chose her weapon wisely, and conquered the world.

The XS is made out of custom carbon fiber composite tubes and a carbon fiber monostay and fork made by Reynolds Composites. All IF designed and manufactured titanium lugs were developed to maximize strength, minimize weight, deliver optimum performance and incredible style. The carbon tubes are bonded into the custom lugs with high tech, high strength epoxies. These are the same epoxies used throughout the aerospace industry in applications where maximum strength and durability are required.

Base Price: $5995 (frame only)

Club Racer
The Club Racer has a split personality. It is the most versatile road racing machine available. Identical in attitude to the Crown Jewel for its light weight and refined performance, but designed for long reach calipers to allow access to larger tires and full fenders for credit card touring. It is the perfect first or second bicycle for all year training, commuting, or all out racing. You can easily strip the fenders off and mix it up in your local weekly criteriums, but it comes standard with a full set of eyelets if you are ever overcome with thoughts of light touring.

Base Price: $1995 (frame only)

The Independence is IF's loaded touring frameset. It employs an extra heavy tube set and fork designed to carry the burden of fully loaded racks and panniers. Equipped with all the necessary rack mounts, fender mounts and water bottle braze-ons you will need to make your dream tours a reality.

Not long after it was introduced, John Paul and Alycea Lamb-Horth rode a pair of Independence's from Tierra del Fuego (the southern tip of South America) to Alaska. The bikes performed flawlessly on this trans-global journey.

Base Price: $2100 (frame only)

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