Greenspeed Recumbent Trikes

Gold Country Cyclery has been the number one Greenspeed trike dealer in California since 2004, and was second in the country for 2009 forward.. We have 12 years of experience selling Greenspeed trikes to include making adaptive changes for customers with special needs. We have had great success with the very portable folding GT1 and GT3 tadpole trikes. For 2012 we're continuing the 20th Anniversary sale with GT1, GT3, and GT5 Series II folders. We now have the new Heavy Duty Magnum folding trike.
We will price match or beat any Greenspeed price from any other dealer in California. Also, for California customers, our sales tax rate is the base state rate of 7.25%. If you are in Sacramento County you will save at least 1.0% just from taxes alone.

Greenspeed Magnum

NEW for 2012 Greenspeed's first tadpole trike with an aluminum frame, and a seat which adjusts for height and angle. This is a very refined, yet rugged trike, with 20" wheels and rider limit of 400 lbs. This trike is also a folder that fits in the same carton the smaller GT1 is shipped in. With the fatter tires, and wide ratio gearing, this tadpole could be used on some non-paved paths. Our retail price will be $2990. First shipment is limited so if you wish to reserve one please call (530)-676-3305. Complete details click on: MORE..

Price: $2990 In Stock Blue and Red

Anura RL
New for 2009 and back for 2010 is the RL version of the Anura. Comes with a triple chainwheel set and 9 speed rear cassette for 27 speeds. Retains the differencial of the SL version and disc brakes on all three wheels.

Price: $2690 In Stock

The GT1 shares nearly all of the features of the GT3 listed below, with the exception of drivetrain and lower price. All of the GT3 acessories fit the GT1. The GT1 for 2009/12 now features a triple chainwheel set and rear 8spd cassette for a total of 24 speeds. This trike is featured in both standard and small frames, and offered in Metallic Red only. 2008 model shown.

Price: Was 2390.00 Now: $1950.00
In Stock: Standard
Met Red

GT3 Series II
The GT3 is a small trike with a big personality. Designed as an easily transportable trike so that you can fold it up to fit in your car or to take up less space in your shed, it's quick fold is achieved with only a 6mm Allen key for the single seat bolt and one quick release for the frame hinge. This trike is ideal for weekend riders, commuters or even assisted touring. Made in a small and standard size, you should find one to suit you. There is a weight limit of 265lbs for this trike, so if you're on the solid side, but still want a compactable trike, please check out the GTO.

The most significant change with the new GT3 SeriesII is a redesign of the steering geometry. After some customer feedback, GS decided that their entry level trike should have some changes to the "feel" of the steering to make new riders feel safer at speed or pulling on the brakes. They have dubbed the new steering NSR (negative scrub radius) which is a change in the steering pivot angle to negate the brake feedback through the handlebars. Pulling on either brake results in minimal corrections required at the handlebars, we still advise customers to use BOTH brakes in an emergency stop.

With the new GT3 SeriesII steering geometry, some re-design needed to be done to accomodate. We have re-designed the kingpins (the steering component that holds the wheel) with a new threadless design, no longer a 24mm wrench required to remove the mirror posts, just a hex key! These new mounts are not compatible with any of our other models at this time.

Price: Was $2690.00 Now: $2390.00
In Stock Standard Size Metallic Green

The Greenspeed GT5 trike is nearly indentical to the folding GT3 but with upgraded components and hydraulic disc brakes.

Price: Was $2990 Now: $2790
In Stock: Standard Met. Blue

The Greenspeed X3 was created as a sports trike first, then they added the bonus of the GT3 folding feature. A low seat base helps to lower the center of gravity for better cornering, front wheels are cambered to increase cornering grip and caster angle has been increased to improve rider feedback. With a reclined seat (30 degrees) and awesome road holding ability, this is the perfect trike for a fast rider with the "need for speed". Great for commuting, day rides or touring with a trailer. Late 2009/2010 models are now offered in Metallic Orange or Metallic Jade Green. Light weight wheelset and tires are now standard along with disc brakes.

Weight is only 34.3 lbs.. Remember this is a Folder!

Special Order from Austrailia

The Greenspeed X5 is nearly indentical to the X3 but with upgraded components, hollow axles. Late 2009 / 2010 models offered in Orange or Green.

Weight is only 33.3 lbs. And it Folds!

Special Order from Austrailia.

GTO and GTO Plus
The Greenspeed GTO has been designed as a touring trike that you would take on a plane from country to country, pack it down via the S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings and reassemble at the other end. It comes with 406 size wheels as standard to make finding a tire in the middle of nowhere much easier. Frame material is time tested Cromoly that is lovingly TIG welded together. Cromoly has such a great fatigue life compared to other materials and can be repaired almost anywhere should the unmentionable ever happen. With it's upright seat angle and robust 20" wheels, it also makes a fine commuter to load up with your requirements for the day or picking up the shopping on the way home. The GTO is available in many different weight and size options, so whether you're short/tall or hefty or light, there is a GTO that will fit. GTO's come with 81 selectable gears. Base GTO has drum brakes, the GTO Plus has Magura disc brake, 330 lb load rating and wider seat.

GTO $5,450, GTO PLus $6,150
In Stock: GTO Plus, Frame Red, Black seat fabric.
Also, lightly used 2010 GTO Plus with Schlumph Super Speed Drive and DD rear hub: Sale 3650.00
Future GTO's will need to be ordered from Austrailia.

When you want to have a friend (or significant other) along, this is the trike to take. The Greenspeed tandem trike design features a stretched, triangulated frame with excellent pedalling stiffness while still having a comfortable ride. The standard Greenspeed reclined mesh and shock-corded seats provide semi-suspended comfort and low wind resistance. Two S&S couplers are positioned in the middle of the frame to allow easier transport.

Base Price: $9,990
GTT-2S on our floor, Schlumpf SpeedDrive, 14spd Rohloff IGH hub. Claret Red,with Blue seat fabric. 7500.00
GTT's will need to come from Austraila if production is resumed.

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