Co-Motion Tandems

Gold Country Cyclery is one of the top ten Co-Motion tandem dealers in the world, and the number one Co-Motion tandem dealer in California. Co-Motion offers very affordable tandems starting with the Periscope Scout to the full Zoot Macchiato Racing tandem. Let us show you The Co-Motion difference.

Co-Motion has revamped their tandem line for 2013. This webpage will be updated to reflect the changes.
For specs and prices, please go here to the Co-Motion Website .


Periscope Scout
Since 2008, taking the family along is a whole lot easier. The PeriScope Scout tandems are new members to the PeriScope Family. The success of our other PeriScope models has made it possible for us to produce the PeriScope Scout as a lower-priced alternative. Equipped with comfortable upright handlebars, twist-grip shifting, Avid rear disc brake, and a user-friendly attitude, the PeriScope Scout will impress you with its incredible value and solid work ethic.

Sharing the same frame design as our PeriScope Torpedo 26 and Torpedo 700, the PeriScope Scout raises the bar on packing features no other bike manufacturer can offer at an incredibly low price. With its amazing ability to fit just about anyone from 4 to 99, you know we can fit you, all of your family and your friends too. The PeriScope Scout's unbeatable capability and can-do attitude will bring your family together as it grows for years to come.


Periscope Torpedo
Since we introduced the very first PeriScope a few years ago, these amazing tandems have really proven themselves! They fit just about anyone; bike shops buy them to double as rentals and even use them as tandem-fitting aids. Of course, once you try a Co-Motion PeriScope, you realize it's much more than just a super-adjustable tandem- it's a very fine tandem that will impress you no matter what your experience or skill level. PeriScopes are showing up at tandem races, centuries, cross-state rides, tours, and school doorsteps, where Moms and Dads drop off and pick up kids thrilled to get to school in a way that's so much cooler than the bus or family sedan.

Whether you choose the PeriScope Torpedo 26" or 700, you'll know the options are wide open for riding with your kids, your friends, your bike club, and more. Choose the Co-Pilot option and take your PeriScope Torpedo Co-Pilot to tour the avenues of France, or the coastline of Maui. With suitcase portability, your options are wide open!

Periscope Hammerhead
Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water... The PeriScope Hammerhead pushes the PeriScope family a step farther, taking performance up a notch higher than we expected to go. Everything you wanted in a tandem and then some- superb adjustability suddenly sheds a couple of pounds.

The PeriScope Hammerhead's ACMUltra7 aluminum frame puts it in some pretty sleek company. Lighter than our Roadster tandem, approaching the breakthrough weight of our Robusta or our new Macchiato. The Hammerhead's PeriScope features are fully explained here. What is harder to explain is how the PeriScope concept has taught us new things about performance tandems as we develop new designs and watch how these amazing tandems get used. We never expected to introduce a performance PeriScope when we first began work on the idea, years ago. Nor did we expect the PeriScope to change our thinking about tandem design. It really has.

We visualize the PeriScope Hammerhead's ideal team as say, a category 2 racer dad who wants to get his kid and his wife to share a little training time with him. He could wait until the kid will fit an ordinary tandem, but why not get a PeriScope Hammerhead and teach the kid how to spin maybe even before the training wheels come off the little pink or blue bike in the garage. Of course, knowing how other PeriScope buyers have been full of surprises, we'll do our best to prepare for the Hammerhead to zip out of sonar range, only to to circle back and show us what those teeth can really do!

Base Price:

The heart and soul of a tandem is its frame, and like all Co-Motion tandems, the way we build the Primera is innovative and undeniably better. We use continuous top and lateral tubes made precisely to our specifications to build a stronger and straighter tandem. The result is an incredible performer that no mass-produced frame can match.

To help you get the most from your Primera, we include fittings for water bottles, racks, and fenders. Co-Motion Cycles's reputation for the best handling tandems is upheld with our unbreatble geometry and hand built Co-Motion tandem fork. The Primera is ready to take on loaded touring, but you can really feel the racing in its blood when you're spinning together smoothly on a long, smooth strip of pavement. Choose the Co-Pilot option and take your Primera Co-Pilot to tour the avenues of France, or the coastline of Maui. With suitcase portability, your options are wide open!

You'll benefit from our experience as the top maker of premium tandems in the component selection as well. We have specified proven tandem components from the industry's best manufacturers to add even more value. It's the thoughtful details like these that will enhance your pride of ownership owning a genuine Co-Motion. And since the Primera is made to last a lifetime, you'll have the peace of mind that you've made an intelligent choice for years to come.

Base Price:

We've newly redesigned the Mocha with a lower profile fork and trimmed clearances to make it a better road bike with improved fitting range for a wider array of riders. The refitted Mocha will accept tires ranging from 1" to 1.75" wide, offering great versatility for a wide range of uses. The Mocha is not a mountain bike, but it can venture off into the backcountry capably when called upon. Loaded down with everything you need on a self-contained tour, the Mocha really shines. Its smaller diameter 26" wheels are amazingly strong, and many people also prefer them for their worldwide availability and even for the reduced gear ratios due to their size.

The Mocha's design and geometry exhibits the handling theory that is Co-Motion's trademark. You've heard that our tandems handle better, and the Mocha responds to rider input naturally and without hesitation, giving you extra confidence to push yourselves just a little harder, and have a lot more fun!

Continuing our tradition of uncommon excellence, we build the Mocha with our exclusive Co-Motion designed zonally-butted tandem tubing. Special processing makes this air-hardening steel tubing stronger after welding, for an amazing combination of low weight and unmatched reliability. The Mocha has everything you need to take it touring this weekend and to your club ride or tandem rally next. Add the Co-Pilot option and take it to the moon if you'd like. Wherever your Mocha takes you, we'll be right there with you.

Base Price:

Speedster (Gold Country's Best Seller)
When you ride a Speedster, you'll experience Co-Motion's quantifiably better control that other tandems simply lack. Our advanced design and unmatched construction may make you forget you're on a tandem at all. The Speedster steers nimbly and quickly, and better still-the precision handling that co-Motion tandems are famous for equates to better safety. This tandem is ramarkably lightweight and fum to take up long clings, yet rock solid and stable on winding descents.

Co-Motion's unmatched ride quality is the foundation of our tandem reputation, and we believe in packaging it with beautiful workmanship and finish. No one wants to invest in a machine as well developed as the Speedster without reaping the aesthetic rewards that Co-Motion owners expect. Super precise TIG welded joints, impeccable finish details, and show-quality custom paint are all yours to enjoy even when you don't have the time to take a ride.

The Speedster's frame is constructed with our exclusive Reynolds air-hardening steel tandem tube package, a Cro-Moly steel unequaled by any steel alloy used by other tandem manufacturers. As on all Co-Motion models, one-piece top and lateral tubes keep the frame straight and strong with no interruptions at the center joints. These zonally-butted tubes, made to our stringent specifications, produce a lighter, better tandem. The result is that the Speedster delivers a ride that is crisp and comfortable at the same time.

A roomy stoker compartment, simple sizing system, and numerous stem selections for captain and stoker make a great fitting tandem a reality for just about any team. The Speedster's high level of component specifications will leave you completely satisfied that you own one of the best tandems the world has to offer. And the good news is: you'll be absolutely right. Choose the Co-Pilot option and take your Speedster Co-Pilot to tour the avenues of France, or the coastline of Maui. With suitcase portability, your options are wide open!

The era of a pleasant open-air tour through the countryside with the top down is back, only now it's on a Co-Motion Roadster tandem. Like the classic, this two-seater Roadster feels equally at home for a weekend in the country or negotiating tight downhill turns on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Co-Motion tandems have always been famous for superb road manners and the Roadster's great performance comes from years of thoughtful change and refinement. You've worked hard over the years to refine your cycling skills and the Roadster's perfect balance of handling and comfort will reward you for your efforts.

The Roadster's clean lines and unmatched architectural strength are enhanced by our new ACMUltra7zonally butted, one-piece top and lateral tubes. Elegantly contoured oval-tapered chain stays and shapely seat stays are intelligently engineered to keep the ride comfortable, while enhancing power transfer. Finishing off this impressive package is our matchless Co-Motion fork, making this Roadster lively, precise and best of all, fun.

With the versatility to choose from our touring package or select racing components the Roadster is truly a multi-performance tandem worthy of the Co-Motion name. Dress up your Roadster in one of 30 stock color selections, or go with classic British Racing green. Wire wheels no extra charge.


There really are no other contenders when it comes to the lightest, most competitive and best performing tandems. The fact that Co-Motion makes some of the best performing tandems in the world is no secret. That our groundbreaking 30lb. Supremo is built on a steel frame exemplifies our commitment to pushing the envelope further.

You'll have to look at tandems made from exotic metals or carbon to find a tandem as light as our new Supremo- matching its performance or the artistry of its construction is completely out of the question. We've spent years perfecting the Supremo's geometry, balance, and its super-strong Reynolds 631 zonally-butted air-hardened steel tubes to concentrate the strength where it is most needed to channel your energy.

Besides the most sophisticated steel tubeset that has ever graced a tandem frame, we continue to improve the breed with newly developed components and proven performers. The superb new Alpha Q X-2 carbon tandem fork provides superb navigation with unprecedented light weight. Clip in and spin the excellent FSA SLK MegaExo crankset, click through the Shimano Dura Ace or Campagnolo Record drivetrain, and savor the cool stuff that you had on your wish list anyway. You know you want to.

You'll be awestruck by the Supremo's breathtaking acceleration, effortless climbing, and smooth, precise road manners. Riding the Supremo will get your heart racing like climbing into a Formula One racecar at Monaco. You'll be too absorbed in the perfection of performance to notice you've gone double the speed limit. Wipe that grin off your face.

Choose the Co-Pilot option and own one of the lightest travel tandems in the world. With a Supremo Co-Pilot and suitcase portability, your options are wide open!


You've been cycling long enough to know what a correctly engineered and well-constructed bicycle can do. Fanciful marketing or scare tactics in the sales literature of pretenders does not sway you. Nor will you be seduced by the latest materials craze. You simply want every gram of performance you can get.

Building the lightest, best-performing tandem available is more than simply shaving metal or choosing underweight components. Anybody can make lightweight bikes, but constructing tandems that hold numerous national and international titles is a rarity. The Robusta is a proven performer that has not only rocketed scores of athletes into first place, it also holds up to the rigors of innumerable training miles with ease.

Yes, the Robusta is lighter than ever before. We just can't stop tweaking its performance, tuning the ride to direct more of you muscle power to those two little patches where the rubber burns up the road. How did we do it? We designed the Robusta's new incredibly light zonally-butted ACMUltra7 tubing and reworked the geometry around the very sexy new Alpha Q X-2 tandem fork. In fact, we redesigned every millimeter of the Robusta, making it more performance-oriented than ever, while dropping its weight to a jaw dropping 27.7 pounds. Of course, it's the ride quality that really counts. Wind up this tandem's tachometer and let the driven soul that has made the Robusta a legendary performer show you what it can do.


Because the Macchiato looks different, it will be the subject of much speculation. The race to make better tandems has taught us the importance of simplicity. Making a lighter tandem means using less material, while rethinking where the material that must be used is most effective. In the true minimalist sensibility, we've pared the Macchiato down to its essential elements, stripping away tradition along with unnecessary mass.

With its impossibly low weight, the Macchiato is equally surreal in performance. When it comes to putting cleat to pedal, the Macchiato very, very real. You won't miss the tradition, the other tube, or the extra weight of other tandems when you fly up the climbs and outstrip your personal bests with unbelievable speed.

While outwardly simple, the compact design of the Macchiato represents a reinvention of virtually every tube in its construction. Our new ACMUltra7 tubes cannot be found elsewhere. The Macchiato's impressively sized bi-oval downtube intersects with a deeply machined headtube, radically profiled zonally-butted top tube, and optimally ovalized seattubes, forming a muscular, compact stature. Designed and custom constructed just for you, we go the extra mile to make certain your Macchiato is perfectly fitted and balanced to focus your strengths and harness the power of teamwork, and the power of new ideas.


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