Co-Motion Touring Bikes

We are the number one Co-Motion dealer of the Americano and Nor'Wester touring bicycles in California.

The Co-Motion Americano has established the standard for what a touring bicycle should be, an entirely new breed of bicycle that handles self-supported, transcontinental touring without even breaking a sweat. Co-Motion has borrowed ideas from their tandem designs to increase touring load capacity and provide a level of rugged reliability unmatched by any other bicycle.

For complete immunity from wheel failures, the Americano uses a dishless, symmetrically laced rear wheel with a 145mm axle. Co-Motion's exclusively designed tandem-sized chainstays are long enough to provide huge clearance for carrying large panniers, yet stiff enough that your Americano will beg for more hills to climb. The heat-treated tandem-sized frame tubes are stout enough to cross any continent.

Real touring geometry is vital for the success of your voyage, and Co-Motion mind-melded into the Americano the sure, steady disposition of a pack mule. To help you take in the view without strain, the Americano manages to be relaxed and upright. Its exclusive, hand-built fork keeps your gear rock solid even on the steepest mountain descents. There's plenty of room for fat touring tires, fender mounts, and all the braze-on fittings you need.

No other touring bike is as rugged, stable or well equipped.

Nor'Wester Tour
If not for the unsurpassed Co-motion Americano, we’d have to tell you the Nor’Wester Tour is the most capable touring bike money can buy. And it really is a great bike. It has everything you need to carry touring loads, while providing an incredibly stable ride and the kind of positioning you want when your goal is to cover ground and take in the scenery.

The Nor’Wester Tour is a superb touring bike that is built a little lighter to help you pack smart and tread lightly, while getting up those hills a little easier. You do know you'll get up those hills easier if you carry less, right? Examine our specifications, and you'll notice the component kit is quite similar to the Americano package, although the tandem-duty wheelset is exchanged for a more universal set with 130mm spacing, as most road bikes are equipped.

The Nor'Wester Tour's frame tubes are just a little larger than your old road bike, yet thin walled to add refreshingly supple resilience. Adding to the Nor'Wester Tour's impeccable balance and stability is our rock-steady Americano fork. This is the fork that has crossed every continent on Earth with the navigational certainty of Magellan, and the stoic resolve of a loyal Sherpa.

To more cyclists who have come to Co-Motion for great touring bikes, we explain what the Americano can do taking riders on epic journeys all over the globe. We often hear, "well, I'm not doing anything THAT extreme..." So here's your bike: The beautiful, capable, well-built, nicely balanced Nor'Wester Tour. Fitted just for you with or without our Co-Pilot option for suitcase portability. It's everything the Americano is, and less.

The Nor'Wester strikes a perfect balance between a racer and our touring-centric Americano. The Nor'Wester is spot-on with outstanding versatility, precise handling, and all-day comfort. With all its capabilities, the Nor'Wester still climbs and accelerated like an ultra-light racer. Designed to handle light touring, and the fatter tires and fenders you can't get on your skinny bike; the Nor'Wester is truly a bike you can live on.

Co-Motion builds the Nor'Wester with the magic carpet ride quality that only a hand built cro-moly steel frame can offer. You'll appreciate the lively, ride and the rock solid stability you need to carry your panniers or maybe just your credit card. Details like meticulously brazed fittings, and hand-crafted dropouts exemplify that the craft of frame building is alive and well at Co-Motion Cycles. With their custom fitting services a part of every Nor'Wester they build, we know you're going to love this bike.

The Co-Motion Espresso represents the ideal marriage of the framebuilder's art with modern steel technology. Built with Reynolds 853 double-butted tubing, a proven steel alloy that becomes stronger after welding, the Espresso represents the very best in steel technology. With its wide array of diameters and butting profiles, Reynolds 853 helps Co-Motion effectively optimize their size-specific tubing choices.

Designed around classic stage racing geometry for long days in the saddle and confidence inspired handling, the Espresso is available with Alpha Q CS20 fork. Each Espresso is now priced with custom geometry so fitting anyone is easy.

Choosing a road bike deserves more attention than simply looking for a tubing label. Only a hand-built frame from one of the world's premier framebuilders can deliver the full potential of the material as it was designed to be used.

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